Okay for You

by The Weekend Run Club

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released September 29, 2018

Written and recorded by The Weekend Run Club
Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Vincent M. Ippolito at Swift Road Studios in Arlington Heights, IL
Additional mixing and mastering by Richie Semtner


all rights reserved



The Weekend Run Club Chicago, Illinois

The Weekend Run Club is a five-piece band that combines the technical guitar stylings of alternative rock with the upbeat, dance-y feel of indie pop music. Formed in 2018, the band recently released their first single, "Holliday," on July 13, 2018, which was followed soon after by the release of their debut EP, "Okay for You." ... more

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Track Name: 101
david said, "don't be blinded by your privilege."
and david said, "this could hurt a whole lot more."
you're not confused
you're just scared to answer the questions
i know these four walls

"when was the last time that you wrote about your feelings?
you know these four walls but you never look up at your ceiling."

"we'll wind things down in a minute here."
my mind is numb, but my heart is clear
will we be friends in another five years?
are we friends?

david said
i'm not confused
i'm confused
Track Name: Heartbreak
i heard you told a story to a town of men, a house of crime
came crashing down, remind me of the tales of how you lost the war
a battle great beyond the mind, a promise never left behind
behold the grand creation of dying off, defending time

you, i got what you want
it's love, it's love, panic attacks, and heartbreak
you, you got what i need
it's pain, it's pain, in retrospect, it's heartbreak

i heard you wrote a story too, some pages to a friend of mine
tore up the scrolls to cover up what you wrote in between the lines
speak out loud lost pioneer, your story sounds a bit unclear
behold the bold creation of a silence resonant with fear
Track Name: Parking Lots
carry me
carry me into the shallows
carry me, carry me

it's been a long day
it's been a long life, and i leave my balance on the table periodically
forget the twilight when i chase the number three

the sun's not coming up

i'm through with waiting to be worth it
and i think i get you a little bit more than yesterday
these parking lots always did have so much to say

titrate my serotonin
regulate my self control
and carry me into the shallows
titrate my serotonin
calibrate my breath control
and water me down from my tower

carry me into the shallows
carry me, water me down from
carry me out of the hollows
carry me, carry me
Track Name: Holliday
this whole town is running indoors
you said let's take advantage of this rainstorm
i'd never been so stoked before
i was drenched in your arms, dancing in your downpour

i'm not stubborn and there's nothing you can do to change my mind
i'm not special, i just like to get attention all the time
my heart is my sleeve, do you like what you see?
my heart is my sleeve, will you know me?

this whole town is running indoors
you said let's stick around, we can wait for the encore
i'd never been so stoked before
we were ghosts in this town, dancing in your downpour

just one step off the front porch
and i feel light years away
two thunder hearts beat like drums
your lightning struck my face
Track Name: Play Nice
i hate you, but will you hold my hand?
don't leave me, i promise that i can be better for you
please bargain too

settle for a false pretense and
feel grounded in the slightest sense (for a while)
you can't live on the borderline
if you don't go a little too far sometimes

come down from what you know (you won't)
and withdraw until you explode and it's
"i'm sorry" for the hundredth time
you drown out my tears, i drown in your pride

i love you, but don't you hold my hand
believe me, i'm not afraid to stand
be better for me
take advantage of me

we all live on the borderline
i promise you, i'll be just fine
it's just a game inside my mind
i'll be okay for you this time

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